Details for 2023 Perth Ball

Date: Saturday 9th September 2023

Venue:Fingask Castle, Rait, PH2 7SA

Band: Simon Howie Scottish Dance Band

Timings: 10pm to 3.30am

Dinner (optional): 7.30 for 8pm
Dinner is served in the Pavilion and each party is assigned their own table. The menu consists of a main course (with vegetarian/ vegan option) and dessert. There is a pay bar for purchasing wine and other drinks.

Breakfast: A cooked breakfast is served at around 1 am

Perth Ball

Perth Ball

A wonderful tradition

Traditionally people come to the Ball as a ‘party’ and have dinner at the home of their party host. More recently the Committee started offering the option of having dinner at the venue which has proved a popular choice for some hosts.

The Ball commences with a sparkling wine reception at 10pm and dancing begins shortly afterwards.

Between reels there’s the chance to show off your Rock ’n’ Roll or Ballroom dancing skills!

After a hearty breakfast, including bacon and eggs and our famously good kedgeree, reeling continues into the small hours, finishing at 3.30 am as dawn breaks.

Dress Code

The Perth Ball is proud of its glamorous tradition and is keen to maintain formal dress standards.


Traditional HIghland evening dress, i.e. kilt with black or coloured jacket with black tie or lace jabot Or White Tie or Mess Dress. Black tie and tartan trews are also acceptable.


Full length evening dress (to the floor, not mid calf). Tartan clan sashes encouraged. Flat dancing shoes recommended.

It is the responsibility of party Hosts to ensure that their guests respect the dress code. So that standards are maintained, the Committee reserves the right to refuse entry to those who are incorrectly dressed.

Perth Ball

Perth Ball Reels Programme 2023

1. The Dashing White Sergeant
2. Reel of the 51st Highland Division
3. Rock and Roll
4. Eightsome and Foursome Reels
5. Mairi’s Wedding
6. Duke of Perth
7. Quickstep
Breakfast 1st Sitting
8. Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh
Breakfast 2nd Sitting
9. Rock and Roll
10. Hamilton House
11. Perth Medley
12. Speed the Plough
13. Quickstep
14. Duke of Perth
15. Rock and Roll
16. Reel of the 51st Highland Division
17. Last Waltz and Gallop

God Save the King

The Perth Ball has been held at various grand venues in Perthshire over the years including Scone Palace, Blair Castle, Murthly Castle and more recently Fingask Castle.

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