At the annual meeting in 2012 the members voted to modernise the Perth Ball by closing the Members list and opening a new Mailing List, controlled by the Committee. Members are now known as Life Patrons and still receive an invitation to the Ball but the new Mailing List is open with names added at the discretion of the Committee to reflect modern Perthshire.

Tickets will be available to everyone on the Mailing List, whether they are Patrons or not.

Become a Life Patron & Support The Perth Ball

We are keen to encourage as many people as possible (who are not already Patrons under the old Membership) to support this wonderful Perthshire social tradition by becoming a Life Patron. As well as ensuring that you and your children can take part, you will be helping to ensure the continuation of the Ball for years to come so that future generations can enjoy it too.

Life Patronage involves making a one-off donation of £195 to The Perth Ball, which is a non-profit making organization, committed to sustaining a formal and traditional Highland Ball in Perthshire.

Patrons are able to buy their own ticket at a reduced rate.

To enquire about becoming a Life Patron of The Perth Ball please email the Ball Secretary, Georgina Bullough, on