93430012-verThere are few opportunities these days to dress up for a truly formal occasion, but this is one of them!   The Committee strongly feel that the traditional formal evening dress code should be preserved, with a nod to modern convention.

Gentlemen should wear white tie or traditional Highland evening dress, kilt with black or coloured velvet jacket and bow tie or lace jabot. Mess dress is also encouraged.  If a gentleman does not possess formal attire then traditional black tie is acceptable and trews may be worn.

Ladies can be as glamorous as they wish but dresses must be full length, i.e. to the floor.   Mid-length dresses are NOT acceptable.  Clan tartan sashes are encouraged.

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It is the responsibility of party Hosts to ensure that their guests respect the dress code.

So that standards are maintained, the Committee reserves the right to refuse entry to those who are incorrectly dressed.