Dance Programme 2018

Image 4_31.   The Dashing White Sergeant
2.   Reel of the 51st Highland Division
3.   Rock and Roll
4.   Eightsome and Foursome Reels
5.   Perth Medley
6.   Duke of Perth
7.   Quickstep

Breakfast 1st Sitting

8.   Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh

Breakfast 2nd Sitting


9.   Rock and Roll

10.  Speed the Plough (Inverness Country Dance)
11.  Hamilton House
12.  Quickstep
13.  Mairi’s Wedding
14.  Duke of Perth
15.  Rock and Roll
16.  Reel of the 51st Highland Division
17.  Last Waltz and Gallop

God Save the Queen

Breakfast will be served between 12.30 am and 2.30 am.

Instructions for the Perth Medley