The Perth Ball 2014

The crème de la Perthshire crème danced the night away at the 157th Perth Ball, with the frisson that it felt rather like the Titanic with the Scottish independence referendum just weeks away…

As is traditional at Scottish Balls, aristocrats, double-barrels, farmers and the local money all mixed happily, wearing everything from haute designer gowns to the old library curtains. The Perth Medley, the unique county reel, flummoxed (as it is designed to do) all but the most sober and hard working dancing guests. However, the days of disapproving dowagers are over and the locals are delighted to teach and help out.

Home page 3 - Perth Ball 2014Other reels such as the Reel of the 51st Highland Division were fast and slick thanks to the young glamorous hoardes in the parties of Molly Rowan-Hamilton, Rob Loder-Symonds and Jack White.

Hungry already by 1am the guests tucked into a full cooked breakfast, while the band (led by local butcher Simon Howie) had a well deserved break. Re-fuelled, the (by now mainly) young took to the dance floor again, reeling and rockin’ and a rollin’ into the wee small hours.

See Gallery for all photos and Tatler Bystander for their coverage of the event.

Perth Ball 12 Perth Ball 2014  - 23 (Copyright Zygmunt Sikorski-Mazur)

Perth Ball 2014 - 19 (Copyright Zygmunt Sikorski-Mazur)